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After successfully breaking into the building, Million is now planning his way out.

Turns out it isn't gonna be as easy this time! 

 Help Million escape the deadly robot staff and make his way to the outside in the least time possible in this fun Stealth-Platformer game!

Made for JamDNA 13.


Arrow Keys:

- Press towards the floor to camouflage.

- Press along the floor to walk.

- Press opposite to the floor to jump.

- Jump in the air to dash towards a wall. Touch a wall in the air to grab onto it.



The location of the game is inside a heavily guarded building, where the protagonist is trying to escape without getting caught. The game makes use of this setting to create stealth-based platformer obstacles.


Not only is purple the main color scheme in the game, but is also used along with the stealth mechanics to create Camouflage, in which the player turns purple and allows them to sneak by guards. This only works however when paired against a wall of the same color.


Jumping is used as the main method for moving around. The game features several platformer-heavy sections that require creative use of the jump mechanic to grab onto walls.

Wham! Sounds:

The game puts heavy enfasis on onomatopoeic sounds, making it part of its style to visualize the sounds themselves when the player realizes actions, such as fighting, dying or just moving around.


Art, music and programming made by me during the Jam period.

Sounds by me and Creative Commons 0 sources.

Robot Hit Sound by seachangeau (CC3): https://freesound.org/people/seachangeau/sounds/426180/


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Sneak-A-Million.exe 10 MB


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I really love the game mechanic. It's pretty well programmed, but a little ingame-tutorial would have been nice, since most people - including me - don't like to read text-tutorials. But increadible outcome of a gamejam :)

Yeah, I dislike text-heavy tutorials as well. Wanted to add an in-game tutorial but ran out of time due to the jam. Glad you enjoyed the game though!

Art is mega polished and gameplay is fun, although i do feel like some areas are a bit unclear about how you should go about them, still fun though.

Thanks for playing! I was really unsure if it needed more signals since at the time it looked a bit like backseat, but now I know better