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Hi ThanielPIN, I really love your work! So allow me to ask if you think it is OK for me to broadcast your great game content on streaming sites like YouTube, including for the purpose of monetizing from it. Kindly let me hear your thoughts:)

Sorry for the late response. Absolutely, I love seeing different people play my games! Just make sure to send me the videos so I can check them out!

Thanks for your kind rep! Glad to hear that and I'll do our best making fun vid with your great assset! I'll let you know asap it's ready. Thank you.

That's a good game! It is difficult to shorten the time.

Really pleasant surprise to randomly find this tonight!

Hope you enjoyed it!

I love the game. The challenges was hard hahaha... My brain and eyes was about to pop out from observing the area hahaha....

I hope you won't mind if I share this to my youtube channel. I like it to share with my friends and to others. :3

Thank You for the Game!

Keep up the Good Work!

Don't worry about it! I love when people make videos of my games.

Thanks for the feedback!

i'm shocked this game was made in only 10 days

Great work in the jam, a good challenge and polished. The only problem.. I didn't even get a slice at the end. :)


Thanks for playing! Liked and subscribed ;)

Glad you liked it, thank you for subscribing too! :D

okay this game looks solid... gonna try it :)

Hey, nice idea!